TargetMedia Mobile Apps gives you the ability to maintain your own mobile app through our mobile dashboard, it will change the way you do business.

Apps out perform the average website by over 840%.

People spend more time in apps than they do web browsing and are on track to surpass television. Learn more…

TargetMedia Mobile Apps is the perfect way for businesses to build loyalty by implementing push marketing. This allows the direct communication with customers to keep them informed and engaged. You can easily build a mobile application to highlight your restaurant client’s menu, daily specials, calendar of events or directions to the restaurant. Mobile applications are becoming more important than websites… for the first time in history more people browse the Internet on your smartphone compared to PC users! In fact 91% of smart phone users stay within 3 feet of their device 24/7 and there’s never been a better time to implement mobile apps.  A new report released by BaseKit has shown that a surprising 91% of small business’ websites are not optimized for mobile use.

Mobile App Dashboard

The dashboard offers everything needed to maintain your custom mobile app.


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